Intellectual Property

A proprietary approach

DEINOVE has developed a portfolio of patents covering the Deinococcus collection, selection procedures, culture and engineering of the strains and also their industrial applications.

Scientific research on Deinococcus effectively started in 2006 with the founding discovery of the team of Miroslav RADMAN, which was immediately followed by the creation of DEINOVE. Unlike organisms that dominate the market of bio-production such as Escherichia coli or Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the genus Deinococcus is barely explored.

A exclusive technology protected by 22 families of patent

DEINOVE is the only company in the world to exploit the genetic and metabolic potential of Deinococcus for industrial purposes. DEINOVE selects bacteria with industrial properties from its strain library (today containing 6,000 strains, 2,500 Deinococcus strains and 3,500 other rare and extremophile bacteria) and adapts them by metabolic engineering to optimize their natural capacities. DEINOVE has thus developed a unique portfolio of intellectual property and innovative bioprocesses.

Today, DEINOVE’s patent porfolio includes 22 families representing more than 159 patent applications worldwide and covering Deinococcus’ selection and genetic engineering methods, their exclusive capacities and their diverse industrial applications.